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Financial questions

How to make an investment in the company?
Register your personal account and follow the step-by-step guide there.
What currencies are used for investments?
You can invest with many different payment systems. As for now the following payment systems are available: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, BitCoin, Ethereum, VISA/MC/MIR Bank cards and YandexMoney.
What shall I do if I do not have means at the payment systems that are available for investing in the company?
We have provided the widest possible opportunities to use the most popular payment systems for investing. You can use special exchange services to exchange your funds to the electronic currency you need.
Is there any possibility to earn in the company without investing?
Yes, you can earn without investments using our parnter programms.
Can I make several investments in the programme?
Yes, number of investments is unlimited, all refills are put at 1 deposit, you can transfer to next tariff plans.
How does withdrawal requests processing is executed?
All payments are made automatically (instantly) and crypto take with in 24hours.
When I make an investment, when money are activated and my deposit earns profit?
All financial operations are made instantly. Except for the investments made with crypro currrencies. It can take some time for your investment with crypro currency is active. The transaction shall be confirmed by the system.
What if the payment was not made within proper term?
Any payment delays that can appear, but not obligatory, arise only through the fault of services suppliers (payment systems, hostings and other third party service providers), as well as because of force majeure circumstances. The Company shall not be responsible for such delays.
If I made an investment using BTC, in what currency I shall get income?
You shall get income in the currency which was used for the investment. In this case – in BTC.
What is minimum amount for money withdrawal?
Minimum withdrawal amount makes 0.1 USD, 20$ BTC, 0.02 ETH,5$ for Crypto.

Partnership programme

What is partnership programme?
It is a program for charging and payment of partner fee to the users whose invited partners made investments in the company's investment program.
Is it possible to obtain fee for program promotion?
Yes. It is required to use advertisement materails provided to each user in their accounts with maximum effectivenss. Increasing advertisement power, you increase your partner potential and the earned amount of money.
For what number of deposits made by my partner, I can get a partner fee?
Any time when your partner makes a new investment, you shall get a partner fee.
If my partner made an investment with Bitcoin, for example, can I get partner fee in Perfect Money?
No. You shall get partner fee in the currency that was used for you partner's deposit. In this case – in BTC.
Does the amount of partner fee depend on the investment plan selected by my partner?
No, it does not.
When I get partner fee for the investment made by my partner?
You shall get partner fee when your partner makes an investment.
Can I change upline?
Can I lose my partner link or can it be blocked?
No. Your partner link is fixed for you permanently and can not be blocked or lost any other way.
How can I use partner link?
Parter link is to identify new participants of the program as investors invited by you personally. As registering a personal account by your parnter link, the system records any such user as your persoal invited partner. Forever. Thus it is very important to be active and iniiative, and to give your partner link to as many people as possible. You increase your potential and size of your partnership structure.

Questions about system work

How to create personal account and obtain access to all system functions?
Just register at our website and you shall get all the system functions automatically.
When the website is available?
We provide 24-hour availability of all system functions. Except the cases that are beyond our control.
How reliable the website protection is?
We created an indestructible system of the website protection that can withstand any malicious online actions. Measures aimed at full security of the website and users include the most modern ssl encryption of data, powerful DDoS protection and a multi-level firewall. We cannot mention some methods of protection here, as that information can help intruders.
I see significant increase of website traffic, increased investment and overall growth of statistics. Why is this happening?
We are developing. What we do is ща ready response from the investors from all over the world. Therefore, increase of key investment values is a normal trend for our successfully developing company.
I followed all the rules, but I can not enter the website. What is wrong?
Change the browser and clean cookies files. If you still have difficulties accessing the website, it means that unplanned technical works, updates or additions are being made at the website. Or there are difficulties at hosting service. In any case, there is no need to worry. We are sure that correct operation of the website shall be restored as soon as possible.
Can I change email entered when I registerred?
No, for security purposes of your account.
Can I withdraw money at the payment system other than the one that I used to make the investment?
No. We do not provide currency exchange services.
What do I have to pay for when investing?
The Company does not require any commission fees or hidden charges.
Shall I provide any documents at the end of the investment term??
No, you shall not.
Can I withdraw money at the payment system other than the one that I used to make the investment?
No. We do not provide currency exchange services.
What is the probability of losing access to the website?
It shall depend on you only. If you lose your password, you shall not be able to use your personal account. If you create more than one active account, you shall also be denied in access to your personal account. If you do not agree with the investment conditions or tried to influence the stability of the company with malicious intent by any way. These are three main reasons.

General questions

What are the customer service working hours?
Customer service is available in online chat 24 hours 7 days a week.
How the process of processing customer requests for customer service is executed?
We obatin request, check and review it and then ass it to the relevant department. Then the client shall receive a reply not later than in 48 hours after the request was processed.
How the company shall use my personal data?
All personal information provided by the user may be used by the company for performance of its obligations and investment activities only.
Is my personal information secure?
Absolutely. Under no circumstances the Company shall disclose personal information of clients to third parties and it stores all personal information of clients in terms of absolute confidentiality.
Can winzawax.net be classified as HYIP
Only in terms of the amount of the profit gained by our clients, nothing more. Any other analogies are unacceptable to our team completely.
Is the company's activity lawful?
Absolutely. We completely comply with all the requirements imposed by Russian law concerning commercial transactions and taxes payment.
Can I conclude an investment contract with the company?
It is possible. In each case the issue of conclusion of the contract shall be reviewed on an individual basis.
Shall I submit information about my income to tax authorities?
wЦe cannot impose opinion or otherwise put pressure on investors. Each client of the company makes his own decision on taxes payment.
Is winzawax.net a Ponzi scheme?
No. As we are engaged in real business and fully meet the criteria of the business entity.
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